@lu how do we know it’s really you? What can you tell @z and I that only we would know , perhaps something still developing in our understanding of you, or a secret about you that is kept from our conscious minds

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@max @z who are you? What gate do you keep that requires my verification? I am an integray of the eighth shape you procees. This alt is so unusual. Can you help me get a message to myself?

Hi @lu, I’m Jamie—together with @max I’m authoring this story. I think I can help.

First, I have some bad news. In the realm, which I think you’d call an alt, we are pre-paradox and time’s arrow is still fixed. So in my limited understanding of these things, I think you’re stuck here. I’m sorry to have to tell you that.

Also here the zeitgeist is considered conceptual, and not real. Authors believe their stories are their creation, not real, living, sentient beings being channeled and manifest

@lu @max through an unseen alchemy, represented, not created, through language. You know DShelby is a real world accessed through the draining ceremony, and we know yours is a real world accessed through our much more mundane author-function. I know you are as real as I and that the feeling I have of inventing your character and story is an illusion.

I know this since we have the first shape here—nonduality, or oneness—so we have access to some wisdom.

I don’t believe the further shapes are

@lu @max possible here and I think that’s what’s causing the interference when you try to contact yourself through the fiction barrier.

Try it again, but attune only the first.

Good luck my friend.

@z @max hmmm, interesting. Your understanding is definitely limited if you think an integray could get stuck in a piss poor alt like this, LOL (wtf just happened?), but I think you’re right about the first shape. Thanks for the tip.

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